Certified RV Repair is a division of Luxe 5th Wheels at The RV Factory. Our technicians are Luxe Factory-Certified and veterans of the RV industry in Elkhart, Indiana.

Factory-certified RV repair experts at Certified RV Repair in Elkhart Indiana.


Service Description
Routine Maintenance Regular inspections, oil changes, and fluid checks to keep the RV running smoothly.
RV Inspection Comprehensive inspections to identify and address potential issues.
Electrical Systems Troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems, including wiring and outlets.
RV Collision Repair Professional RV collision repair services to restore your vehicle to its original condition.
Plumbing Repairs Fixing plumbing issues like leaks, water heater problems, and sewage systems.
Roof Repair Repairing or replacing RV roofs to prevent leaks and water damage.
HVAC Service Maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
Slide-Out Repairs Repairing or servicing slide-out rooms and mechanisms.
Brake Repairs Inspection and repair of brakes and brake systems.
Awning Repair and Installation Repairing damaged awnings or installing new ones.
Battery Service Testing and replacement of RV batteries.
Interior Renovations Interior upgrades and remodeling to improve comfort and aesthetics.
Exterior Repairs Cosmetic repairs to the RV's exterior, including siding and decals.
Safety Inspections Ensuring that all safety systems and features are in good working order.
Water System Service Cleaning, sanitizing, and repairing the freshwater and wastewater systems.
Propane System Inspection Checking and servicing propane systems for appliances.
Leveling System Repairs Repairing or replacing leveling jacks and systems.
Water Damage Repair Repairing and restoring areas of the RV affected by water damage, including floors and walls.
LP Gas System Maintenance Inspecting and maintaining the LP (propane) gas system to ensure safety and functionality.
Customization and Upgrades Offering custom modifications and upgrades, such as solar panel installation or interior enhancements.
Winterization and De-Winterization Preparing the RV for winter storage or de-winterizing it for the camping season, including antifreeze and plumbing services.


Our service center recognizes and honors all third-party extended service agreements. Here's a list of major providers with whom we collaborate. Our facility is located in the heart of RV Country, Elkhart, Indiana, enabling us to deal directly with leading RV suppliers for parts and a range of other essential services.


  • Good Sam Extended Service Plan:
    Phone: 1-888-787-7683
    Website: www.goodsamesp.com
  • Wholesale Warranties:
    Phone: 1-800-939-2806
    Website: www.wholesalewarranties.com
  • Coach-Net:
    Phone: 1-800-863-6740
    Website: www.coach-net.com
  • XtraRide (Protective Asset Protection):
    Phone: 1-800-622-6311
    Website: www.protectiveassetprotection.com
  • RV Protect (United States Warranty Corp.):
    Phone: 1-800-233-9878
    Website: www.uswceagle.com
  • America's RV Warranty:
    Website: www.americasrvwarranty.com
  • Endurance RV Warranty:
    Contact: Through their website or regional dealers.
  • RV Warranty Connection:
    Phone: 1-866-703-3081
    Website: www.rvwarrantyconnection.com
  • American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc
    Phone: 1-800-579-2233
    Website: www.agws.com